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Story Bends is a poignant and thought-provoking fantasy novel written by S. D. Henke..

Online Book Reviewer kimmyschemy06

Truly this is a wonderful journey into self-discovery and coping with our own broken parts. It is an inspiring read that challenges not just your own perspective but the sense of unusual reading. This book will frustrate you, delight you, and give you a unique reading experience. Most definitely recommend it to all.

The Page Unbound

By S.D. Henke

Story Bends

“The Magic of The Bends never leaves you…”

October 9th, 2018 – with Pen Name PUblishing

What if your only escape from death was to meet it half way?

If the voices called on YOU?

Needed YOU?

Brought you into The Bends of time where all faith is lost to those who wait. Your etchings hold the secrets to guide them on their way.

Yet, there will be no safe passage if evil finds you first and you have no toll to pay.

Enter the mind of a peculiar boy who gains passport to one of the ‘thin places’ between life and death. In this realm of tilted memories, guided by the pages of his journal and the voices that summon him, he reclaims his broken bits to discover the truth behind an early death marking. Only then can he realize the nature of his nightmares and the malign source behind his suffering so that he alone can save the living world from a cataclysmic end or die again trying.

Meet the Author

S.D. Henke


I’m Sheala Dawn Henke and I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by to visit! While you’re here, I’m excited to tell you more about myself and the stories I write. If you love books with a fantastical flare, squiggly twists, and nib-knobby turns, then you’ve come to the right place. A place in between, upside down and inside out of your imagination. A place where I hope you might be inclined to stay for a few winks. Because right here, in the tippiest, toppiest places could be where your hopes and dreams arrive.

My stories are never without the magic, love, adventures, and misadventures of courageous young individuals who must reach far and wide to discover what’s possible and achievable! These are tales of wonder where out of the dark we can see the light — altered, bent, and beautiful, these are the safe havens for every walk of life; every color, creed, and companion who ever believed in what is possible because…

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”   ~Audrey Hepburn

With so much to write and such little time, what  I can promise with wonders of words and tidbits of wisdom right here. I am passionate about bringing fantastical ideas to life. I write soul-affirming books that inspire individuals to seek their unique value and worth in this world! I’ve always loved collaborating with my student Muses who inspire the stories I write. They are the light on the page that brings every imagined world to life. Writing for kids, with kids is the best part of my job as an author and educator! Thank you for reaching out to let the light in!

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Imagination is greater than knowledge.

– Albert einstien

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