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Imprints | S.D. Henke

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We are the constant folding and unfolding of our lives. In fact, we are born of folding. The universe out of its own evolution was born of folding. Every day, we expand and retract into new skin. We are ceaselessly becoming. While we live out each moment our interactions and experiences imprint on us to create the great balancing act of that which is who we are.

Some of us know a kinship with this kind of transformation. We’ve walked through hardships as a loud ruckus or in quiet repose and we’ve equally met with exquisite joys. What is universal is that we all still walk on the path. Some of us feel it and expose it, we see it and ignore it, but we all hold it inside. Our steps can lead us closer to success or leave us with blinding scars, but no matter what trail we cross the marks leave meaning. One of the most profound and meaningful experiences I’ve had both inwardly and as an outward extension of this philosophy arrived in the experience of writing my young adult literary fantasy, Story Bends. The story explores the heart of a unique transformation through trauma. Fantasy or not, it doesn’t escape the truth. What I realized in writing it was that it held a vast truth originating from collective space surrounding my life and the lives of those around me.

One reader followed up after reading my book to explain their satisfaction when everything came together at the end, but that they didn’t come to realize it until they were fully immersed in the story. Promptly, they followed up to ask if I purposefully wrote the story this way. My answer shaped itself in the form of another question.

Isn’t this how we so often walk through life?     

We come from untidy beginnings and our loose ends aren’t always wrapped up and sent back to us in neat little packages. There isn’t always a path marked or a clearing laid out in front of us. This story is a testament to that. As if it lives and breathes in the prose to expose this precise experience. My intention was that this book would strike a chord of discountenance that on one hand leaves readers rattled and unnerved, but simultaneously curious and altered. I meant for it to sit with the reader from the beginning, as inquiries were raised, and their focus riding on intrigue.

Just as we do or don’t put focal attention on how our emotional experiences shape us. The story sits in the same way our day to day ordeals can sit. We can’t escape our experience, even in trying. Reality offers little orientation, few boundaries, and when the world acts up it can play to our weaknesses, betrays us, and even behave in ways that can leave us in its wake surprised or shattered. Yet, when we slowly come to understand life’s momentum and hold to the vibration, our own responses can grow as we grow out of the disarray. We evolve in much the same way this story resolved itself. The main character’s journey provides a view into the way a soul can bend from start to finish. Edward’s story holds a promise that can take the reader inward on a deeper exploration of our humanness and our connection to the elements that hone us. My sincerest hope is that it leaves an imprint.

“Transformation is the fruit of a changed outlook. First our minds are renewed, and then we are transformed, and then everything is different, even if it stays the same.” – Mark Buchanan

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