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The time is Now! | S.D. Henke

I’ll admit it, I’m as giddy as Molder and Scully fan club as I geek out over the news of the Pentagon’s UFO report scheduled to be delivered to congress any day now. It’s not like I ever needed proof that aliens exist, but boy will it be fun to watch distinguished heads of state finally put some weight on facts.

No matter what it reveals, it will put to test long-standing beliefs and schemas about who we are. It will likely pinpoint precisely how small our place in this universe is. I’m sure they’ll be those who can’t take another blow to their beliefs, but the optimist in me looks forward to how this news could be a bridge to a greater humility driving a new level of humanity.

As a writer, I love any opportunity to analyze how the ‘real-world’ collides with what was at one time only the stuff of science-fiction. Even more fun is to speculate and imagine what exactly brought about this unprecedented act of transparency by our government. I’m curious to learn why now?

These are the questions that drive story ideas. This is why I write. In fact, a project I’m working on right now delves into these themes and concepts driven by the question we all might come to know the answer to by the end of the month. What if aliens have been a part of our story since the beginning, and why is now the right time for us to find out?

Personally, I look forward to reading the report. I already feel humbled by the fact that our government feels it’s time we all know. I only have to think back to my perceptions prior to the pandemic. What I believed about the world and who I was prior to that experience. I often wonder how that will shape the future. Would I have ever accepted the fact that our entire planet would be put in a stranglehold from a virus? Maybe, maybe not, but it happened and here we all are. Who’s to say the information coming out about UFO’s won’t knock us all off our socks too? Who knows, maybe we could use a little more suspension of reality with a proper dose of science fiction injected into our lives. Maybe then we’ll be prepared to make the shift and be ready to embrace the impossible.

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