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Of Quirks and Quasars

Where Trauma Sits – In the Bends

I am actively updating my Blog space each week and I welcome a visit and comments from readers anytime! Also, for more information on the story referenced in this post, Story Bends please visit us here. Recently, I had the privilege of...


“The soul has no agenda whatsoever except to see what is- as it is, and let it teach you.” – Richard Rohr

Speaking Our #Truth

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Capturing Genius

In the Fall of 2011, I listened to keynote speaker and award winning novelist Stephanie Tolan speak about giftedness at the Colorado Association for Gifted Children's annual conference. If I had known how this moment would shape my future and the new path my life...

Let Us Read Books!

Marie Antoinette’s famous quote “Let them eat cake” lives in our psyche as a widget of well-placed morality versus superficiality, and although there’s no record of her actually having said it, the verbiage sticks as if it’s been etched into history’s mighty stone....