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Your Thin Places | S.D. Henke

Have you ever been to a thin place? A space you can only touch with your imagination? Have you ever marveled at the stars and thought about the hidden messages encoded in their twinkle-chatter? If your answer is yes, you may have found yourself closer to one of the Thin Places than you realize. Some say Thin Places are spiritual wonders, that they mark a spot where the lining between heaven and earth becomes thinner, where both realms touch through a thin veil, where we can encounter sacred spaces in between. Fans of Harry Potter might dream up a sort of cloaking device to travel between worlds. Scholars, scientists, and spiritual leaders might squabble away at grander theories, but in stories, we can all inspire the hidden gems of a world filled with an abundance of Thin Places.

Join me and embark on a journey where you can visit a space concocted of memories veiled by the treasures of time. The secret lies in reaching out to the imaginary realms that have been there with you all the time. What’s even better is that you can go to them anytime. The best times are when the world becomes too much and presses too hard, or when you need a simple resting place, or a helping hand. Your Thin Places can lift you back up. But pay close attention. Open your heart space. Once this is done, you might find it surprising how easy it is to find them. What you may discover is that they frolic in little pockets all around you all the time.

One of the best places I have learned to find them is in a chosen sacred space, out among nature, on the water, in the arts, or inside a best-loved story. They can come to life when we put our whole heart into them. These spaces have different meanings for different people all over the world. They teach us that we are all unique, and remarkable, and it is out of the Thin Places where we can find new ways of seeing the world. We open new eyes and open the door to new ideas as our world transforms. Unbound and untethered to the challenges of the day or the night. Like Edward on his great journey toward healing, you have the ability to make your way over the leaping and bounding hurdles you face from right where you are. You can unlock the key to the essential and potential YOU and your incredible self.

Here is the secret to finding your own Thin Place…

  • First, you must go outside and take a breath of the fresh air.
  • Be sure to bring a journal and a writing tool with you in the crocket of your pocket.
  • Walk, run, or skip until you come upon a space that the light reaches and touches you just the way you like. (Hint: It is a sensation you may want to test with your tongue)
  • Taste its flavor. Write it down in your journal, in words or pictures.
  • Sit, stand, or meander in this place of wonder.
  • Listen to the music playing on the breeze.
  • Pick up a stolen twig and gift it back up under the tree from whence it came.
  • Talk to the trees. Speak out loud or in your head. Trees know how to listen.
  • Tell this place of your woes, your struggles, your worries.
  • Ask it to hold you, help you, teach you.
  • Spend as much time as you have or need there.
  • When you are ready, say goodbye, but promise to come back, and your Thin Place will always be there for you waiting.
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