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Meet the Muse | S.D. Henke

Small but mighty blessings in the form of precocious youth have surrounded me my entire life. Seeded out of a playtime paradise in my mother’s in-home daycare, I came to see how being surrounded by children has become my own personal sanctuary. Now, as a mother and two decades past career teacher, I realize what a profound gift it is to be encircled by this kind of youthful energy every day of my life. I have the opportunity to work with young people who shape my beliefs and cultivate a richer, more open-minded view of the world. When I’m among these fine young comrades, I discover that the gift of “the most potent muse of all is our own inner child.” The children always bring me back to her.

Today I meet for our seventh annual ‘first exchange’ with a group who call themselves The Muses. This is a group of young advocates who choose to seek out their hopes and dreams, whose mission has grown and thrived in a safe space where writing is a bridge to their passions and a source to reach their visions. They’ve evolved into a community of elementary and middle school students who come together to pave a path toward a unique revolution of readers, writers and creators who seek out more for themselves and those around them. The only stipulation for membership is to show up and take part. This grassroots seed of effort has grown into a mighty tree with mentorship and support for one another’s goals. These kids are growing their own forest foundation and they do it simply because they want to!

I operate under the guise of their facilitator, but in all honesty, they’ve always been capable of steering the ship. This year we take off with a brand-new compass, new goals, and vision as the next generation of Muses unite. I aim to provide the space, the time, and the unique perspective as a writer myself on a similar journey. We will continue to embrace the simple organic model of creating a mindset for exploration and the theory that ‘If we build it, more will come.’

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit their space online and perhaps be inspired to seek out space and a source to reach your dreams!

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