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A Numbers Game | S.D. Henke


We see them all around. They weave themselves in and out of our subconscious throughout our entire lives. But have you ever stopped to wonder at them? Have you ever thought about how they might play a unique and mysterious role in our lives?

Numbers surround us in unseen ways every day. They give form and function to our experience, and lately, I’ve found myself paying more attention to them. Short of taking this new hyperawareness, border-lining on obsession, I find a distinct comfort in how numbers have been presenting themselves in my life. They help me slow down and pay more attention to the idiosyncrasies of my environment I often overlooked before, and it’s had an extrasensory effect on my ability to focus. I’m lighter, more relaxed. As if these numbers work as a sort of meditation. These numbers grace me with a presence of mind to travel inward. They encourage me to sit with my innermost self and focus on a new understanding of my ‘Wise Whys’. Why am I here? Why work so hard? Why does it matter?

What I’ve found is that this new attentiveness has released something inside. It comes from a new energy source that is allowing me to unfold and unpack a more authentic self. Longings I’ve had for a long time are coming into focus and I’m not feeling so overwhelmed in the shift.

Numbers can have great significance in our lives when we are open to them. As you come aware of the numbers that speak to you, I look forward to sharing more of the qualities of these numbers that have been sitting in my periphery and awareness lately. Among them are the Teacher and Ambassador symbols from numerical wisdom rooted in numerology. These include the Angel numbers: 1, 11, 33, 44 and the Affinity number 29. When I study their teachings, each appears to hold an auspicious loop that has been traveling in and out of my life lately. When I interact with them I feel a fluid understanding and grounding. I can almost feel my nervous system react to take a much-needed break. These numbers seem to speak the language my lizard brain needs to access my wizard brain. They pop up at just the ripe times and rarely do I have to seek them out.

I’ll share more specifics regarding the messages I’ve gleaned in my short blurbs on my IGTV channel @shealadawnhenke. Each week, I will ‘zero’ in to focus on the teachings of number whisperings in relationship to my writing. I can also hopefully make connections for you as certain numbers may be coincidentally revealing themselves in your everyday routines and working environment. I love interacting with readers and I am inviting requests for source numbers at any time. Add a comment below and I will be sure to follow up.

Perhaps by paying attention to numbers and how they show up in your life, it can provide some solace in the constant flow of information to bring order in the chaos and help you find a new focal point. If nothing else, I encourage you to give the numbers game a try and see what is revealed for you.

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