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Pieces of Possibility | S.D. Henke

We all live by a certain code of qualifiers that define us. The pieces of ourselves we share and those we relegate to keep hidden. Some are veiled gems and others demonstrative demons. But the true veritable essence of our core selves can be hard to hold in this day and age. I find I swing on the pendulum between a true balance to seek out and reintroduce myself to the authentic each and every day. Between work, family, home and personal aspirations, it’s easy to slip from the ledge.

We count on the people in our lives to hold us accountable and enable us to be the best person we can be. But the one we must count on the most is ourselves. What I’ve observed through my own experiences and through the teachings of others is that these potential, possible selves exist in each one of us, and I’ve decided to break these aptitudes down into 5 pieces of the possible puzzle.

  1. We all have gifts to give. Take the same energy you might be using to put your passions aside and give it room to breathe. There is no prize for the humility or sacrifice in holding back from your superior gifts. You are and will always be an innate creator of something amazing. Unlock the door and set it free!
  2. Find a space and carve out time for your gifts. Time is of the essence, and the world deserves this time. Craft what works within your boundaries, but don’t scrimp, don’t squander. This is time you!
  3. Make richer what keeps you from your dreams. Say it out loud and proud and with gratitude in your heart, “The world needs my gift.”
  4. Stay true to your mission. Take control of your creative contribution and platform your vision so everyone knows where you stand.
  5. Let the naysayers be. There will always be individuals who seek to disrupt your higher harmony. Wave them on with love and know that they too are walking through a challenging journey.

Take the lessons as your pendulum swings and know that in these swings you can return to the harmony you seek, centered, evolved and put together in the pieces that make you whole.

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