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Speaking Our #Truth | S.D. Henke

When a child speaks her truth, the world would be wise to pause and listen.

Speaking any truth as we get older takes on new layers. The onion only grows more ripe with age. More complicated are the days we walk through the world with jobs, responsibilities, and people who are counting on us to stabilize and cauterize wounds. Sometimes we forget where we stand in the mix. We constantly scramble for buckets to catch the drips while the puddles grow into pools around us. So much to do, so little time, and never enough buckets to go around.

Recently, a former student of mine who participated in my young #WriteMuses group wrote and submitted a poem that is slated to be published in a children’s literary publication this Spring.

Her words, raw and uninhibited, helped cool a fire that had been stoking in me for some time. Her truth astounded me. Her wisdom healed me. Then, to witness the bright smile behind her secret pain and the hiding place where her struggle sits; what a profound gift she’s shared with the world with the simplicity of her words.

When she came to see me and announce the news I had no reservations in telling her, “your words will always be there for you. They can be your savior. Your grace. Seek them out and cherish them like a treasure.” In speaking my truth at this moment, I realized there is power in letting our words sing when I so often lose my voice.

I’ve decided to take her truth and let them lead me to follow my own advice. I’m making a pact with myself to share the words that have been bottled up for some time about a difficult event in my life. I’m going to let these words fly free on a platform where I can be heard but on a platform where they are safe. My truth isn’t for everyone, but it is time to stop apologizing for what sits clear and true. It is time to practice a new rhythm with my words and be intentional with them. In this life, I set an intention to let my words be my sanctuary.

My heart and my thanks go out to my young friend for helping me to take the most difficult words to the page without regret or a stain to my conscience. In my keep, my words, like hers, will always be a trusted friend!

Mayzie, keep moving the pendulum and shaking awake the world around you! You’re an inspiration, and your words are a gift, always.

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