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Re-articulating Change | S.D. Henke

Change is something we seem to approach as humans with fear, avoidance, and even disdain. It’s like something in us isn’t wired to accept it. Yet, it’s through the nature of change that we share in the human experience. Nature itself a study in change.

What would a butterfly be without metamorphosis? Sure, we’re not bound by an instinct to wrap ourselves up in a chrysalis and dive into liquidized re-articulation at will, but change is one of those ‘human’ things we will face over and over, and if we try to avoid it, it often challenges us more. Could holding the change back be leveling an attack on the very wellbeing we aim to protect?

So, why is it that we seem hellbent on keeping any distinctive change as far away from our trajectory as possible? I’m not saying this to judge anyone going through deep change, and in fact, I myself am seated in my own re-articulation at this very moment. What I’m asking is, what could be worse than change? What if the answer is staring us right in the face? Could the resolute possibility of staying stagnant be our only downfall?

We’ve all heard the old adage- Change is Inevitable, even crippling in some capacity, but it seems to be the only way we ever move. 

We need to move. 

That’s it – it that simple. If we’re not moving, we’re not growing, and in that way, maybe looking at change by way of the butterfly can help us move ON, OUT and elevate us UP. Like a character in my current WIP, Epicurus said of the pupa, “All tucked up in there is a little fist of opportunity. It waits, deep and dark inside, and when the time is ripe and ready, it can transform the entire world with one flutter of new wings.”

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