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On Finding Your Crea-ture | S.D. Henke

We are all made of Creation.

Some even say we’re the stuff of stars. But what’s even more exciting to imagine is that we all have a unique Crea-ture living inside of us. These are beasts of every color, shape, and size. They only speak our individual creative tongue. They feed on our original ideas and see through our eyes visionary concepts. Their sole sustenance depends on our thoughts and our natural human wanderlust to create. Our Crea-ture isn’t like any other operating system living inside us.

Think now about your inner Crea-ture. Picture it waiting with all-seeing eyes. Is it locked up in a cage? Are you holding it back to try to tame it? Is it thriving or merely surviving?

Now, consider what it really could mean to let it loose. Like all wild creatures, it was meant to roam free. How might it serve you with a willing release?

All you need to remember is that your Crea-ture imprinted on YOU. You are its source of energy. What might be possible if you allow it take you forward toward the bravest parts of yourself?

Forget everything you know. Take those pre-requisites of every day ‘must do’s’ and toss them out for a time to spend with your bless-ed beast. Shred what you thought you understood- take new aim to reclaim it, so you can unleash it.

No one tells our imagination how to evolve and arrive. That’s what it means to find your inner Crea-ture. It is derived from intuition and pure instinct. That’s the space I want to encourage you to sit with today as you engage. In this process let the nature of the creator in you move through.

Here are a few prompts to walk you through this process.

(Disclaimer: The following Rimba series was created as an ‘echoic’ representation of an activity shared in a workshop lead by poet-laureate and spoken word artist, Jovan Mays. His was titled ‘On Finding Your River’- his Musical choice soundtrack: The Beasts of the Southern Wild)

What you will need:

  • A quiet space, something to write with and an open mind.
  • Choose a soundtrack of trepidatious music that incites emotion and an atmosphere of tension, or a sense of anticipation.
  • Prepare for the generative space for ideas, a framework for writing, and a method to get ideas flowing.

Ask yourself this question: What is the story of Creating? Think about analogies or connections to this concept. Jot these down or share them.

Your anticipation is part of the movement in this Rimba. The idea is that you can be changed by this process. I know I was.

Let what arrives come to you teach you.

Start by writing to each of these prompts for 1-2 minutes or along with the natural music transitions. (Finish each statement letting the words flow out with whatever comes and move on to the next prompt as you see fit)

Intiate the first prompt:

  1. Long before me Creation ___________
  2. My ideas grow out of ___________
  3. What comes from inside is ____________
  4. When I find it, I ____________
  5. My world could be ____________
  6. There are worlds ____________
  7. And the inventors said, ____________
  8. My imagination answered ___________
  9. When I create ___________
  10. What is possible if ____________
  11. When you see me ____________
  12. I do this for ____________
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